The Paranormal: Answers to Your Questions

What would a campout or sleepover be without ghost stories? Ghost stories and tales of haunting spread like wildfire. But how much is real and how much is in the imagination of the speaker? That is something paranormal experts try to find out. Sometimes it comes out to be nothing and sometimes there is actually something present. Keep reading for the answers to some of the questions you may have about the paranormal.

How do people investigate paranormal activities? Actually documenting a paranormal activity is rather difficult. So far there has been no concrete evidence that could not be explained away by science. However, believers truly have thought they have come across spirits and other manifestations that could not be explained by science. Some use cameras and some use recorders to take audio recordings of sounds that are imperceptible to the human ear. No one can explain what the sounds or pictures are but there are still plenty of skeptics. Some believe it is human error and human judgment that colors the researchers’ beliefs.

What do I need to be a paranormal investigator? The first thing you need is education. You have to know what is considered paranormal activity and what is not. That requires you reading up on many different subjects that you may not typically read. The next step is to join and organization. The organization can teach you their methods and teach you how to use the tools that they use to capture things on camera and recording. On a side note if you wish to by a cryptozoologist you will have to go to school and study to get your degree. Most people who specialize in cryptozoology have a degree in zoology.

What should I do if I find proof of paranormal activity? If you find concrete proof of paranormal activity the first thing you need to do is provide accurate documentation. You may want to let a paranormal group take a look at your findings and then let them perform studies themselves. If everything turns out to be valid then you may want to contact a scientific journal or a newspaper. Yes, there are still going to be skeptics but if you have concrete proof then those skeptics may be swayed and they may not be. There are even some skeptics that have put up a million dollar reward for people to prove that psychic and paranormal phenomenon actually exists and can be proven. You could find yourself a million dollars richer.

Why is there no concrete evidence of paranormal activity from famous groups? By its very definition paranormal does not stick with any scientific method. That is why there is no concrete evidence that supernatural activity truly exists. Cryptozoology, however, is a different story. With it there is scientific evidence to back up the findings and new creatures are found all the time. With ghosts it is hard to get those to stand still for a photograph and to have them appear to others. Movies have vastly overinflated how people view haunting.

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